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A pioneer in Ciguatera research

Established since 1967, the Laboratory of Marine Biotoxins of the Louis Malardé Institute has specialized in the study of ciguatera poisoning and its health impacts on Polynesian populations. Since this date, It has established itself as a reference in the field of ciguatera research, both in the Pacific region and internationally. 

Continued research

French Polynesia is the only Island State in the Pacific that currently has a permanent ciguatera research unit.

Technology watch

The strategy adopted by the laboratory to acquire the most efficient analytical tools is based on an active and continuous technology watch. 

A well-known expertise

The expertise developed by the Laboratory of Marine Biotoxins in the field of ciguatera research is internationally renowned. 

A unique bank of natural ciguatoxin standards, fruit of 50 years of research

The thorough toxicity screening of about a hundred of Gambierdiscus spp. strains has allowed for the identification of several highly CTX producing strains that constitute an innovative research material, most notably with regards to the mass production and purification of the algal ciguatoxins currently available in or bank of CTX standards 

  • Availability of pure toxins needed as standards for the detection of CTXs.
  • Asset for laboratories interested in acquiring analytical capacities for ciguatera monitoring.

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Phycotoxins available for sale

PHYCONESIA currently offers for sale the TOXINESIA product range which includes several ciguatoxins of natural origin purified from cultures of the microalgae Gambierdiscus polynesiensis, and toxic coral reef fish from French Polynesia.

The TOXINESIA product range

Discover our toxins & biological reference materials

Several types of toxic material needed for the calibration of analytical methods and CTX quantification in various biological matrices are now available for sale through the TOXINESIA product range.

TOXINESIA provides 4 pure CTX standards calibrated against qNMR reference materials.

TOXINESIA also provides toxic cell pellets sourced from Gambierdiscus polynesiensis cultures, and related CBA-N2a and LC-MS/MS data.

TOXINESIA also provides CTX-tainted tissue materials sourced from flesh and liver tissues of fish and marine invertebrates, and related CBA-N2a and LC-MS/MS data.

Services & Expertise

Call on the expertise and services of our researchers

Take advantage of 50 years of experience in marine toxins research by calling on the services of our experts. 

Toxicological analyses

Toxicological analyses based on the CBA-N2a functional test. 

Expertise activities

Ciguatera risk assessment, establishment of an algal collection